Payroll Services

Payroll is the crux of any business. The greatest asset of a business is its employees, and paying them correctly and on-time must be a priority.

  • Interior Tax & File is well versed in the use of various types of payroll software and outsourcing agencies.
  • Interior Tax & File is able to give you sound advice and solid business guidance relating to processing time and payroll.
  • Interior Tax & File is able to assist you in dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency and other government bodies if the need arises.
  • Interior Tax & File is able to accurately complete all necessary schedules and forms relating to your Workers Compensation remittances, Year-End Reconciliations, T4s, T4As and others.
  • Interior Tax & File takes the time to do your payroll correctly at a price your business can afford. Paying more does not necessarily mean that you are getting better results!

Remember, being able to provide pay cheques does not mean that your payroll is being processed correctly. Interior Tax & File Small Business Services Inc. knows the Employment Standards Act, and will ensure that your employees and your business are treated properly.

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